fabric preview

it makes me seriously giddy when i order new fabrics to use for the shop.  i always hope that etsy shoppers will love these fabrics like i do.

here’s a quick sneak peek at a couple of the fabrics i should receive in the mail this week and should be popping up in the shop soon thereafter…

Mod Kitchen, Kitchen Wares by Helen Dardik

Mod Kitchen, Utensils by Helen Dardik

These are just a couple of the SUPERcute fabrics from the Mod Kitchen line by Helen Dardik.  I’ll be able to make a few pieces for the shop from these two and if they sell quickly I’ll order some of the others straight away.  I love her illustration style and I’m so stoked to be able to play with these fabrics.

(if you’re as fond of this fabric as i am and want to stake your claim in a bag right now, just shoot me a comment or send me a conversation on Etsy!)


This past Saturday we went to visit the Museum of Science with our friends Annie & Eric.  It was my first visit and I was so excited!  (Hubby has really turned me into a science geek.)  I really think I could spend all day wandering around the museum.  There was definitely too much to really absorb in just a few hours.   Here are just a few highlights (sorry for the poor quality of these photos, the lighting was difficult):

knitted brain!

a peek at the inside of a chicken!

ball of purple electricity

I hope we get to visit the museum again and really take our time learning about the exhibits.

Time to plan my next big city adventure!

Brookford Farm

On Thursday after work Paul and I took an unusually spontaneous trip north to Rollinsford, NH to check out Brookford Farm.  We heard that they sold raw milk and Paul’s been looking for a good source ever since he started dabbling in cheesemaking.  Me – I just like farms and animals and pretty places.  Following the directions that Google gave us it was an easy, straightforward drive and Rollinsford is just five minutes outside Dover, NH pretty much right over the border from Maine.

I met Olga.

Olga the Cow I think she’s gorgeous. And a very nice farm guy said he’s pretty sure she’s the smartest cow on the whole farm.

I also bonded a little with this guy…I named him Baby.

Baby Piggy

And these guys seemed a little pissed that I was around…or they didn’t like my green Crocs…


Visiting farms makes me a very happy girl.  We raised chickens & pigs when I was growing up…there’s just something about a barnyard that feels centering.  Brookford has raw milk, raw cream, yogurt, cheese, sausage, grass-fed beef & pork & lamb, eggs, and veggies for sale in their farm store.  We picked up milk, cream, and hubby got some liver.  (Blech.)

I can’t believe how different raw milk tastes.  I already thought milk was delicious but it turns out that the pasteurization process changes a lot.  For lack of a better description, this milk tastes…cow-ish. I really like it.  I also really like that it comes in a Mason jar and that we have to shake it up to incorporate the cream before we drink some.  I also love supporting an organic farm that raises it’s animals with dignity.

I have a feeling we’ll be going back to Brookford Farm.  And I can’t wait to taste the cheese Paul makes with the milk.


i’ve been knitting!  after a dry spell (i think i was overwhelmed by how many projects i had on needles already…all of which i eventually chose to ignore) i have cast on for two new projects!

the first is the Lune Shawl by Miriam Felton. the (wonderfully written) pattern was gifted to me by my dear friend Bon and i cast on immediately for the stockinette version with Malabrigo Sock in Chocolate Amargo.  i’ve been wanting a couple neutral shawls that will go with just about everything and brown seemed like a good place to start.  this is a happy relaxing knit.  i can’t wait to finish this one and start one with lace!  at the time this photo was taken i was through two repeats of chart 2.  (as of today i’ve completed a third repeat.)

i have also cast on for mara by Madelinetosh.  this shawl calls for a heavier yarn than i knit with most of the time, and i’ve chosen to use KnitPicks City Tweed DK in Orca (another happy neutral).  so soft.  so squishy.  so warm.  it’s kind of heavenly yarn.  this pattern is another straightforward knit, the bulk of it being a garter triangle.  this is the knit i pick up when my brain is tired and i don’t really want to pay too much attention.

doesn’t it look squishy?  i’m not usually a big garter fan but it feels very right in this instance.

what are YOU knitting?

new fabrics!

i’m a sucker for owls.  anyone who knows me knows it.  my apartment is filled with owls: stuffed, handknit, little statues, jewelry, stationery, magnets, wallet, cookie cutters.  i go a little kooky for owls.

so i’m excited to share some new fabric i got for the shop.

seriously.  the retro colors and design are making me a little giddy.  LOVE.  this is from the collection Owl & Apple, designed by Alice Kennedy for Timeless Treasures .  I’ve used other owls from this collection before and I loved them.  But these owls really take the cake for me. (Here’s a drawstring project bag I made with the owls.)

The coordinating prints are almost as wonderful.  Here is a zipper pouch I made with the large flower print (destined for the shop later this week):

And here’s the third coordinating print with small flowers (it’s been designated as lining for my pieces, but it doesn’t mean I love it any less):

i really, really, really think i need to order more yardage of all three and make myself the most awesome pajama pants and pillowcases anyone can imagine.

pie cravings

so i had a craving for pie yesterday.  i didn’t love pie when i was growing up.  i think i was bothered by mushy fruit and soggy crust.  of course those were mostly assumptions i had about pie and not real experiences i was associating with pie.  i was a little ridiculous about food i think.  regardless…pie is one of my most favorite treats now.  and yesterday i wanted pie.  i could have made a pie.  i have a very favorite recipe for my very favorite pie.  but if i made said pie it’s reasonable to say i would have eaten most of the pie.  which is not very wise when one is trying to make smart food decisions.

so we googled (paul is working from home this week).  i googled “best boston pie” and “best pie on the north shore, ma” and somehow landed on yelp.com reading reviews of the Agawam Diner in Rowley.  lots of people mentioned their pies so i was sold on the idea straight away.  we’ve driven by the Agawam a bazillion times but neither of us had ever eaten there.  we immediately embarked on our little 40-minute roadtrip.

The Agawam Diner

i love a good diner.

I’m sad to report, however, that as soon as we ordered and I got my chocolate milk (yum) and turkey club sandwich (it was almost dinnertime anyway…) I got distracted and forgot to take pictures of the food and more importantly the PIE.  Sigh.  I will just have to go back and recreate this experience for the sake of the photos.  I got chocolate cream pie and Paul got blueberry pie.  As it turns out I think I’m more of a fruit pie fan than a cream pie fan, but I really enjoyed the pie.  The most important part to me is the crust and theirs was really super good.  Not too thick, just a little bit salty, flaky but hearty, great New England pie crust.  I was so satisfied.  They had a LOT of pies to choose from so I can’t wait to go back and sample some of the others (bringing my camera, of course).

i love pie.

so i’ve been sewing like a madwoman the past few weeks.  most of my free time (when i have energy) is spent cutting fabric or sewing new pieces for the shop.  i seem to have regained my “oomph” regarding the shop after a bit of a dry spell at the end of the winter.  i’ve been excited and inspired by some of the fabrics i added to my stash, namely poppy by laura gunn and good folks by anna maria horner.  i don’t think it’s any secret that i’m attracted to color and both of these collections really appealed to me and were FUN to play with.  i’ve already sold some bags that i made with these fabrics and i hope to be able to refill my stash soon becausethere are some favorites that i definitely want to recreate.

this morning i sewed for just a couple hours, and i made three new drawstring bags that will be ready to post in the shop later this week.  i spent a little time organizing the pieces in the shop into more accurate categories and i’m able to see more quickly what sort of bags i need to make more of.  i’m low on drawstring bags right now so that what i hope to focus on this week.  i gave myself a time limit for sewing today for a couple reasons.  a) my weekend to-do list was long and i needed to get some housework done.  and b) i know it’s important to do OTHER things so that my sewing time doesn’t get tiresome.  after i ate lunch and tackled some chores i spent some time doing this:

i’m trying to spend purposeful time reducing the amount of clutter we have in our small apartment.  THIS is the result of several evenings ripping recipes out of cooking magazines.  today i sorted them by general category and trimmed edges and whatnot while watching Julie & Julia (for the second time).  i had hoped to paste the small clippings onto pieces of paper, and get them all into plastic sleeves and truly organized in a binder but that was just hoping for too much today.  my back was hurting and then the movie ended.  but this was still progress.  it was interesting reviewing what i had torn out…some of them didn’t appeal to me AT ALL today!  regardless, i have recycled at least three grocery bags of magazines, and today added a lot more to the recycle bin with my trimmings.  maybe one night this week i can start actually putting these into the binder i have, with neatly labeled dividers and everything.  (i love organizing).

i also spent time organizing my notions drawer this weekend but that’s also a work-in-progress and i want to get it just right before i take a picture and share it.

now i’m going to pick a new knitting project to start, cast on, and watch a few episodes of Glee on Hulu!

i love weekends.