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busy & distracted…

I have been so busy and distracted lately.  I think that every time I sit down to do something on the computer I remember something else that needs to be done with a sewing machine or iron.  I’m working very hard to build up the inventory in my shop…but I keep making sales so it’s hard to build up my numbers.  Hee.  I’m SO not complaining.  I’ve been trying to really work my shop lately and I’m really seeing it pay off in the statistics.  My pageviews are way up, and I’ve gotten a ton of “favorites” lately.  This is so great.  I’m trying not to obsess about my Etsy stats, but with tools like this it’s really hard not to check there every time I check my email.

Here are just a couple shots into what my life is all about lately…

box bags & large zipper pouches

both my collection of completed bags for the shop and my fabric stash have gotten bigger so one had to move.  i thought i would move the bags into a plastic sewing box that has been empty for a while.  genius, right?  use what i have!  unfortunately i have more finished bags than i thought.  the box was full with just the box bags and the large zipper pouches.  that photo up there doesn’t show the drawstring bags and the small zipper pouches that wouldn’t fit.  😦  i think i’m going to buy a few small plastic containers with lids (rubbermaid-ish) – one for each style of bag.  then i’ll just have to find space for those somewhere in our small apartment.


my zippers have also outgrown their home, which was a lovely blue pitcher.  i don’t live very close to a fabric store so i like to stock up on notions & supplies whenever i get to one…i spent $100 on zippers the other day.  whoa.  i hope they last me a while!

coming up this week: i have started a new knitting project.  (and no, that doesn’t mean i’ve completed any of the projects i already had going!)  😀


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add it to the long list of things that make me crazy happy – i love robots.

look at this fabric from alexander henry that i got for the shop!

ready set robot! by alexander henry

GAH!  i can’t handle the cute!  i’m so eager to start sewing with this.  good happy clever fabric just makes me itch to sit at my Singer.

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fabric preview

it makes me seriously giddy when i order new fabrics to use for the shop.  i always hope that etsy shoppers will love these fabrics like i do.

here’s a quick sneak peek at a couple of the fabrics i should receive in the mail this week and should be popping up in the shop soon thereafter…

Mod Kitchen, Kitchen Wares by Helen Dardik

Mod Kitchen, Utensils by Helen Dardik

These are just a couple of the SUPERcute fabrics from the Mod Kitchen line by Helen Dardik.  I’ll be able to make a few pieces for the shop from these two and if they sell quickly I’ll order some of the others straight away.  I love her illustration style and I’m so stoked to be able to play with these fabrics.

(if you’re as fond of this fabric as i am and want to stake your claim in a bag right now, just shoot me a comment or send me a conversation on Etsy!)

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