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yogurt testing

so i restarted my journey on Weight Watchers just over a month ago and i’m feeling really good. back in 2006 i lost nearly 50 pounds and i’m proud that i didn’t gain it ALL back after succumbing to the sirens call of potato chips, cookies, crackers and chocolate for three years. (and whatever else i felt like eating without giving a second thought to nutrition.)  i gained about half of it back – which i’m kind of okay with.  i have long-lasting habits from WW like smarter portion sizes and taking my time when i eat.  i really think those things helped me when i wasn’t counting points.

so far i’ve lost 11.7 pounds and i’m feeling great.  i decided to start WW again because I remembered how GOOD i felt when i did it the first time.  my energy was higher, my skin was clearer, my back didn’t hurt, my acid reflux disappeared.  so far two of those four things have already happened to me again as i work hard to build more healthy habits.  i definitely have more energy and i can’t remember the last time I needed some Tums.   the biggest key for me in making this program work is overhauling what i bring home from the grocery store.  as long as i have the healthy foods in my house i’ll eat them – and now my grocery cart is filled with produce and dairy items rather than the supply of sweety & salty snacks i chose for my “balanced diet” before.  i’m really proud of myself.

one of my go-to food items is yogurt.  it’s great for breakfast, lunch or a snack.  and i usually love to mix in a 1/2 cup of fiber one cereal.  it makes me feel like i’m eating more, the crunch is fun, and the fiber helps me feel fuller longer.  my standard yogurt choice is Yoplait Light.

It’s tasty, low-point, and they have tons of flavors to choose from.  But the other day I was reading the ingredients list and was a little surprised to see that high-fructose corn syrup was on the list.  I really don’t know the arguments for and against HFCS but I know I’ve heard it’s no good – and I definitely know it’s not all-natural, so this week I’ve decided to give some other yogurts a try.  I went to the grocery store this morning and picked four different types of yogurt without HFCS in their ingredients list.

This morning I tried Fage 2%.

I’ve heard good things about this yogurt, and I know people who eat it regularly, but I’ve been wary about Greek-style yogurt after trying the Trader Joe’s brand a while back and I thought it was kind of grainy, a weird texture to have in your yogurt.  But this…this was life-changing.  This yogurt was SO DELICIOUS.  It’s thick, creamy, tangy (it immediately reminded me of cream cheese or sour cream).  And it comes with a little side compartment of fruit if you need a hit of something sweet.  I was so impressed by the flavor I NEARLY woke up my husband to make him taste it.  And listen to the ingredients: milk, cream, cultures.  TA-DA!  That sounds like something I ought to be eating, something that will truly fuel my body.  (The fruit part I had was just strawberries, sugar, lemon juice, and cornstarch – all okay with me.)   Also – I didn’t mix any cereal in.  I took 15 minutes to eat this yogurt – the flavor is intense and enjoyable.  My tummy told me it was satisfied and I didn’t feel hungry for a good two hours after eating.  I’m so impressed.

I feel a little bad for the other three yogurts I have left to try over the next few days.  I think Fage has already won the race.  But I’ll be back to review the other yogurts.  It would be nice to have a few brands I like and feel okay about eating.  Variety is good for the WW soul.


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