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god sneezes

confession: i woke up, looked out the window this morning, and convinced myself in a split-second that i should play hooky from life today. i also roused my husband from his slumber and convinced HIM to play hooky today too. he quickly sent an email into work via his iphone and we both went back to sleep for a couple more hours.

the forecast today says “wintry mix.” it had snowed during the night (or early morning) and then had rained on top of that and it looked so slushy nasty grey puddly cold out there i announced to my husband that “God sneezed on Gloucester this morning.” it kind of looked like we’d all been dipped in the plaster-of-paris i remember using to make (ugly) papier-mache pinatas in middle school. somehow i got stuck with Katrina something-or-other for a partner and we made a terribly obnoxious pink pig pinata. it was satisfying to smash it to bits later on.

so we’re home today and it doesn’t really look like it’s going to be a very different day than our usual days. there are dishes to be tackled, and a giant purple trash bag to be heaved down to the street, and kitty litter to scoop. but i’m also going to give myself permission to knit for fun today. i’ve been working on a commissioned sweater for the past few weeks and it was officially completed yesterday and i’m excited to look at something different for a little while. oh – and there will be blankets and cats to cuddle with.


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